The purpose of the The Endowment for the Care of Retired Priests is to provide a long-term source of funding to meet the future care needs of retired priests in good standing who have faithfully served the Catholics in the Diocese of Allentown.

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When a Diocesan priest is ordained, he makes a lifelong commitment to serve the needs of the faithful in the Allentown Diocese. In return, the Diocese makes a commitment to the priest to provide for his basic well-being during his lifetime, including retirement. The normal retirement age for a priest in our Diocese is age 75. Retirement costs including insurance, healthcare, prescription drugs, skilled nursing care, and housing and sustenance continue to escalate. At present, one-third of Diocesan priests are retired.

The Diocese of Allentown currently pays for the retirement needs of priests through the Bishop’s Annual Appeal and the Diocesan operating budget. The annual costs for meeting the needs of retired priests can exceed $2.7 million per year. Due to the ever increasing costs of care, the Diocese created this Endowment Fund to provide additional funding to cover these expenses in the future.


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Our Priests...

Celebrate Mass, baptize us, and hear our confessions.  They bless us, mourn with us, and minister to us throughout our lives.  They have devoted their lives to the service of God and the Diocese of Allentown.  As they age, we, in turn, are called to minister to their needs.  Let us show our commitment to our priests by helping to provide for their care in retirement.



"The Villa is important to me because I have a happy environment for my declining years.  I love my home here; it is very happy and pleasant a beautiful home for all of us"

~Father Halabura